Thursday, November 15, 2007

Relaxing friday

Hello everyone! I'm just sort of spending the day relaxing today. I'm now scheduled to begin my internship at 7AM Monday. I guess the roosters aren't always a bad thing. :D

There's not much more to report since yesterday, so I'll keep in brief. Last night I had dinner with the Koreans and Dr. Merca at a restaurant. There were geckos EVERYWHERE! It was fun. The food, I'm learning to adjust to it, but it's not easy. Sinigang is a dish with pork or fish, but with a really sour sauce. I didn't like it very much. Sisig is pork parts (a lot of parts, haha), and it's not half bad. I actually sort of liked it. I also had catfish last night, haha. The biggest adjustment for me is that you don't get a knife with your meal, and just a fork and spoon. And they don't cut the fat off! I also had grilled squid a couple of nights ago...I won't eat that again. It tasted fine, but it was FAR too chewy. ;o)

God has really been working in my life these last couple of weeks. I took a walk to just reflect and take it all in, and I am so thankful to be here. I know that I wouldn't be wrestling through these things if I were at home, and I really needed to face a few things head on. God has His plan, and I must wait on Him. Ok, have a blessed day, and a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

sorry for leaving you hanging last night. i went to bed and was half asleep and was like, "oh shoot! bryce!"