Sunday, November 18, 2007

Keep on Keeping on

Today has gone very quickly. Not that I don't enjoy it, but church here lasts for FOREVER. My American attention span is limited, haha :D. They start singing around 9:30am, and get done a little after 10. Then there are announcements, and the sermon starts about 10:15. The pastor talks for like an hour and a half, and then theres more singing. It's almost 3 hours in the same room in the same service. It's pretty impressive really, and it's well organize and the sermons are good. At least I have a church right? Ha ha, I'm feeling sort of like a puritan back in the colonial times where they sat in church for the entire day on a hard, cold, wooden pew. Except here they have plastic chairs. :D

No, the church is really great. I went out to lunch with my IRRI friends and we had Thai food again. I'm really starting to get the hang of this Asian food thing. No more fried chicken for me, I've had enough. Pretty much anything fried classifies as filipino food, I guess.

Tomorrow I get up around 5 so I can be ready to go at my internship starting at 7am! Ah, the life of a farmer. I'll update later on and let you know what happens, and maybe I'll even have some pictures! Who knows? Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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bausonla said...

I wonder..what church did you go to here?