Monday, November 26, 2007

It's almost December...

Hi! I found out I can move into the dorm on Thursday, so I will be packing up my stuff and settling in on Thursday afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been sleeping too well on my current bed, so I'm hoping this new one is softer. =D

Tomorrow I'm going out to Victoria where I will participate in planting rice. It should be interesting, because it's nothing like planting anything we grow in the States. I have a lot to learn. I'm excited though, it's a new experience, and something I could never do at home!

I hear it's snowing in Michigan again. I never thought I would miss winter... But somehow it just cannot be December when it's sunny and warm outside. I'm even going to the beach this weekend! I don't know if there will be snow in Seattle, but when I get there for Christmas, I'm hoping there's at least enough to cover the ground. I'll have to wait and see, I guess. =D

Have a great day!


Katie Wright said...

hey man...think of the positives. you dont have to deal with the "winter depression" lol. you are going to come back either really tan or red lol not sure which. you are having an amazing experience. lol wooohoooo.

i cant wait until you are in the dorms because then i get to talk to you lol not in a public place!!

Mel said...

I read an article in the State news today about the typhoons over there...scary! Hope all is well.

Aryn Shillair said...

Well Bryce, we'll take you up in the mountains and you'll see a lot of snow. :) We've talked about maybe skiing. We'll have to see what's open when you come. It did snow last night though! For about an hour we had huge white flakes falling. It melted pretty much right away.
love, aryn

Anonymous said...

the last thing katie wrote was kinda... shady...


I wore 5 layers today! but the sun was out later and there was an amazing sunset. how's the sunsets over there?

nae (who else would write something that random?)