Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm here, and it's HOT.

Here's a good intro:
1. My first memory of being in Asia is barfing on the landing in Taiwan. Welcome to asia, huh?
2. Traffic is INSANE here, lanes are pretty much just guidlines...no one actually uses them.
3. I have chickens in my front yard. Awesome. I won't even need an alarm clock.

So yes, I am here and am already picking up a few tagalog phrases...though I'm not totally sure what they all mean. I'll post some pictures of my apartment soon, as well as the rest of the area. I've been a little too wiped out today to be touristy.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements. I had a hard time leaving the states. As I sat on the plane, I couldn't help thinking "WHAT are you doing?!" But now that I'm here, things have improved, although it's hard to believe that this isn't just a vacation, it's actually six months. I am here because this is where God wants me, where He can use me best. I anticipate that this is going to be an enormous growth period for me, because I can already tell being here is going to be a challenge at times. Nympha (the lady to who picked me up at the airport) just left me to find my way home on the jeepney...I made it, barely. It rains like crazy here, and I couldn't even see where to get off, let alone remember what to say to make them stop driving. :o)

It doesn't look like I'll be getting internet in my apartment...it's too complicated. Things are far more primative than I anticipated. But that's ok, there IS a wi-fi connection near campus where I can use my laptop, so I'll be available to talk on AIM and skype every once in a while...it just might need to be more planned than I thought. It turns out that Michigan is a 13 hour time difference, and Seattle is 16 hours (sorry Aryn), so I will have to make an effort to get to the cafe's at the correct time.

Anyways, I'm just rambling now. More to come later. :D Spread the word about this thing, I like getting comments!


boru1 said...

barfing in asia...nice

rightbrainedamoeba said...

it's cold. really cold. (here).

mercedes said...

binker! so glad to hear you made it safe and sound! im very excited to read about your adventures, now that im at the other end of the spectrum this year ;) have lots of fun and DO NOT study too much and/or hard.
blessings be to you my dear friend.

klewenoc said...

I'm glad you had a safe flight. I actually sat in front of a screaming baby that kicked my seat the whole way. But I think barfing would be worse. I hope you are able to update this a lot! Be safe!

Abby said...

Glad to hear you made it safely! It is pretty quite around the office. The only thing you have missed is 2 GIANT bowls of Trick or Treat candy that Nicole and Xi brought in last week. Even without you here... they lasted a day. Anyway, talk to you soon!

katie h said...

bryce...i'll just admit to you that i laughed a lot when i read that you barfed..i'm sorry but it's funny. sounds great so far...especially the rain. i love rain! have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryce, glad to hear you made it okay! Praying for ya. :)