Friday, November 9, 2007

God is good--ALL THE TIME.

Last night I met Sarah and Jason Beebout, and a guy named Ryan for dinner, and then went to a bible study. All three are americans and work at IRRI. It was sooo refreshing to have fellowship, because I had started to feel sort of alone here. I prayed yesterday morning that God would provide fellowship for me while I'm here, and He came through, BIG TIME.

We went to a filipino couple's house, where they and there son Jay, and a german woman who also works at IRRI joined us. We're studying James, and we discussed the first part where James talks about considering trials as joy. EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

One thing about waking up at 5 is that I have a lot of time for devotions. Mom gave me a morning and evening prayer card that I've been using, and Aaron gave me "My Upmost for His Highest" which has been really encouraging.

And today, I went to IRRI to see where I was going to work. It's AIR CONDITIONED! :D And the facility is really nice, and they have good food. It should be really interesting to work there. I'm going to be studying a rice-maize crop rotation. Pretty much irrelavent for US agriculture, but in Asia, the push for bio fuels has increased the desire for corn in rotations. Should definitely be educational. :D

I also got to talk with Katie H and Katie W on my webcam today! So it works! It was nice to talk with someone familiar. Once I move into the dorms, I'll have wi-fi, so I'll be more available to talk with the rest of you! Alrighty, talk to you all soon!

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nieva said...

Hey Bryce! It's so cool to hear about your trip, and I almost felt like I was getting an actual tour of your apartment ;). I'm glad to hear that you've found people to fellowship with. Have a great week!