Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Forget anything previously that I had said about rain. Last night, we had RAIN. It started at about 5pm, and didn't stop until 7 in the morning, and I mean, it POURED. I have never experienced anything like it. I have no idea where it all goes either, because I was legitimately concerned about flooding. When I woke up this morning, it was still raining, but no standing water on the ground. Must have good drainage...the river through campus is pretty much doubled or tripled in size though, so obviously it rained quite a bit.

These "tropical storms" are new for me. I'm not too concerned because there was almost no wind at all, just torrential rain. Supposedly there's another one coming, Tropical Storm Mina is on it's way, and the one we had last night was "Lando." I'm not a fan of these.

I actually rearranged my apartment last night to get everything off the floor, in case water did decide to seep through the floors. The rainy season is almost over, and soon I will be on the second floor in a dorm with a generator. I am really looking forward to it. :o)

So, don't worry about me, I'm sure everything is fine. No one here is freaking out, so it must be a normal part of life. It's nice, sunny, and dry today, so maybe some of the water will evaporate before we get dumped on again. I hope so anyway! :D


Anonymous said...

you should change your major, to "Weather Man Bryce". "If he doesn't know, just look outside".

ba ba ba do do do. (that's the theme music)...

can you tell that after 4 hours of being home home (GR) I am already going crazy?

I'll eat some turkey and mash pots for you tomorrow :) or actually today! yay!

night, or day,


Katie Wright said...

oooohhh bryce...rain is no fun!! i woke up this morning and thought i may have been at the wrong holiday...there was sooo much snow!!!