Sunday, November 11, 2007

A day of firsts

This is a hefty one for you...lots of stuff packed into one blog. :o)

Saturday was a day of firsts for me:
1. I played Squash for the first time. Similar to Raquet ball, but with a different ball
2. I rode on the back of a moped!
3. I talked to someone successfully over a webcam, and it was AWESOME. :D
4. I explored campus for the first time. Mom will remember this, but when I was younger I had a HUGE fascination with rainforests. I even had a 3D poster of one I hung on my wall (yeah, I remember that), and I played Amazon Trail all the time on our old computer. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. I'm starting to remember what was so intriguing to me about jungles, and you'll get to see some of it in the pictures.

Here's the video tour of my apartment as promised. Pictures will be posted below.

I went to church today. It was refreshing. They sing here even more than we do at home. :-O I then went with Jason, Sarah, and Christine (IRRI people) to a Thai restaurant, and enjoyed it quite a bit! It was also nice to talk with Aryn for a while. Talking with people really makes the distance feel much less significant.

Tomorrow I go in to meet with an advisor for school, and then I am going out to IRRI to meet with my supervisor for my internship. Photos of IRRI will come soon. It's pretty western, but the surroundings are beautiful!

Here's the albums:

My Apartment

UPLB Campus

Around Los Banos


Katie Wright said...

what up home slice (lol not sure why i wanted to greet you that way)!! bryce you make me smile. i am here and nothing is new. thanx for the expose(the e is wrong but what am i to do?) on your apartment and the dangers of a leaky toilet and mirrorless bathroom (danger number one: bryce no shave???hmmmm. anyway am glad you are finding people to talk to!! LOVE (just so you know this and i know you do when i say this i mean it very much and i am referencing to it as a sis in Christ-i am big on telling people i love them!!)

Aryn Shillair said...

Thanks for the photos and stuff. :) It looks like a really beautiful area. Do you have sandels to wear in the shower? :) That might be a good plan. :) It's nice to see where you are and what everything looks like.
Hope you're having a great day!