Thursday, November 15, 2007

Classes have begun

Well I officially have had all of my classes now. It appears that Plant Physiology will be my most challenging course. I'm going to try to buckle down and be diligent this semester.

I've been sleeping better. I think I'm adjusting to the heat (although it's been cooler here the last few days), and its been really quite enjoyable to be outside. It's raining today though, so I've been running from building to building with my umbrella.

Last night was fun. I had dinner with three of the Filipino exchange students that went to MSU last year, who I had met in Michigan before I left. It looks like they will be good friends. Hopefully I will see more of them.

Tonight I have dinner with the 5 Korean students! It should be interesting...the language barrier is pretty big.

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Katie Wright said...

hey hey!! i am so glad that you are meeting are going to have a great time!!