Saturday, October 27, 2007

Exciting New Developments...

So, I have decided due to the addition of a webcam, I will be doing some video blogs every once in a while, which is pretty exciting! That way you can actually hear what I'm up to, and I won't have to type it all out. ;o)

And also, I received some further information on my internship. I've been in contact with Dr. Roland Buresh, my supervisor for the internship. According to him, I will be working with Filipino researchers going out into the field and observing/assisting with research operations in a rice-maize (corn) experiment. Sounds like fun! I was hoping to get out into the fields.

I've added a couple of links to my list on the right >>> . So check those out. IRRI is where I'm doing my internship, but the CGIAR is the larger organization. IRRI is just one of the research stations. It's a very interesting organization, that does research on different crops all over the world.

My next post will probably come from Seattle, and then after that, Los Banos! I'll be sure to get some pictures up ASAP! Have a great weekend!

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Kathryn said...

I cannot wait to see where you are is going to be so amazing. I just have one questions did you say Seattle and then the bathroom? Just wondering...hehehe I am getting one of these by the way...we can stay in contact!!