Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday: Yosemite

I got into San Francisco a little late, so we slept in on Friday. Steve and I went over to In 'n Out to eat lunch. It's a fast-food chain that is only in California that is way better than McDonald's or Wendy's. Then we pretty much just hung around at the pool and in his apartment. The weather is great: about 75F and sunny all the time.

We left around 6 to go to our hotel near Yosemite. What an adventure...driving through mountains in the dark, with lots of twists and turns and obscure highways, proved challenging. But everyone got along at it worked out really well.

We didn't do very much hiking in the park. Yosemite is HUGE! There is so much to see, and we only covered a small portion of it. We started on a trail that went around some huge redwoods.
They were similar in size to what I saw in Washington with Aryn and Tim. There was even a tree that we could walk through!

Next we drove out to Glacier Point, which was 35 miles from the sequoias. The view was absolutely amazing! There was a clear view of the Half-Dome, and also of the Yosemite Valley. The park was crawling with people, being a Saturday, but we didn't see anyone hiking out there. The park is so big you'd definitely need to spend a few days to see everything.

Our last stop was Bridalveil Falls, where we did get to do some "rock-climbing" and swimming. There are more pictures in the album I'll post a link to.

Tomorrow Steve and I are going to Santa Cruz. It's a beach town where we can swim in the Pacific, and I guess it's a good surfing hot-spot. He says the water is too cold for swimming, but not much can be colder than the waterfall water. Here's the album for Yosemite, be sure to check back for more updates!


Have a great Sunday! I'll be home early morning on the 25th.

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