Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday: Santa Cruz

Around noon, Stephen and I met up with his friend Kevin and left for Santa Cruz, CA. Kevin graduated from U of M last year with a degree in Graphic Design, and is living near Steve in Sunnyvale. He goes to church in Santa Cruz, so it worked out for him to drive us.

It was about an hour drive...not bad. The traffic was terrible, but the highway was cool. It was a very curvy road that went through the mountains. We spent the day at the beach body surfing, playing frisbee, and reading. The beach was actually pretty nice, and the weather was perfect! The water was a nice temperature, and the waves were just big enough to be fun. No shark or stingray sitings, but trips to the beach are usually better without those. :o)

After the beach, we went to church with Kevin. ( His church was very Soteria-esque in it's must be a West Coast thing (For clarification, I don't consider this bad, just different). It's just a totally different culture out here, especially when it comes to spirituality. The service was actually really great, it was just a little strange in a few places. The whole thing was pretty much conducted by women, accept for the music. Steve said that it isn't always like that; it's more like it's different people teaching / giving announcements every week.

Santa Cruz

Tomorrow it's off to exploring San myself. I'm really hoping I don't get lost, because it's not like I have a phone and can call Steve for help. I think it should be okay, though. I have a map, and a good idea of what I want to see, and where that all is. I have an hour train ride into the city to figure it all out.

This trip is going by SO fast! Be sure to check back!

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