Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday: San Francisco

WOW...what a day. 19 miles of walking can really make you feel every joint in your body screaming at you to just die already. (I'm just a little sore...)

I took the CalTrain downtown this morning, and spent the day doing a whirlwind tour of the sites of San Francisco. I was on my own, but because I don't really like doing touristy things, it worked out fine for me. I started walking down Market Street (the main shopping area) and headed up to Alamo Square. I had to climb up some pretty steep hills, but the view of the city was totally worth it. It was nice to take a break and catch my breath.

My next trek was somewhat more difficult...The Golden Gate Bridge. This thing, as huge as it is, is not that easy to find. I got lost on my way into The Presidio, and wandered around the park for a while until I caught a glimpse of the bridge...actually getting to it, well, I still haven't figured it out. I know it's possible, but I didn't make it. There were some nice nature trails and such, and a great view of the Pacific Ocean. It was cool because I could also see Alcatraz, which I would like to visit someday if I ever come back.

The next part of my adventure took me a LONG way away from where I was. Lombard Street is pretty much the steepest road in America (I think), and it is ridiculously silly. Why in the world they built it that way, I have no idea. San Francisco should fire that city planner, because they did an awful job. It looks nice, it's just so impractical. I didn't spend too much time here, as the area was completely saturated with tourists with cameras. The picture on the right shows the curvy portion of the road, but the rest of the street goes straight down the hill. I was surprised these cars didn't just roll over on top of one another.

I made my way down to Pier 39 and the Fisherman's Wharf, which was altogether too flashy for me.
BUT, the view of the bay definitely made up for the abundance of people. I remembered to eat lunch at a restaurant here...at 4:30.

Then I ran over to Chinatown...pretty much just so I could go back to work and say I went. It was cool, but I was tired so I passed through quickly. My last stop was the Financial District, and all I did was grab a smoothy from Jamba Juice. Then it was a hike back to the train station, and the ride back to Steve's apartment.

Altogether, I mapped out that I walked between 19 and 20 miles...and never took a bus once. I spent about 8 hours in the city, and now if I ever came back, I feel like I know my way around. I figured out most of the layout, and where all of the stuff is...all except for my little slip into the ghetto, which I got out of very quickly.

Sadly, this is my last night here in California. I'll be in Nevada and Chicago tomorrow on a plane, and then flying back into Grand Rapids Wednesday morning. We'll see how that goes...I'm still hoping for a voucher! I may write more tomorrow before I leave, so check back!

And check out the pictures! :o)

San Francisco


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jamba Juice is amazing! I had it twice in LA.

And that parking sign that made you laugh, well my brother used to have one over his toilet. Yup.

Have safe travels back, and don't barf on the plane like I did. ewww.


klewenoc said...

bryce!! i just realized that this was in existence!! i didn't even know. anyways, im glad you had fun in cali. smerf is back and we do need to plan a get together. i thought she said something about the 10th or something.