Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we had GREAT weather up at Grand Lake this year. It wasn't as warm as last year, but we still got in the water and had a good time. I'm glad that I have adventurous friends who would swim regardless of the temperature. :o)

It was really, really windy. The sun was almost always out, but I think we had one of the windiest days at Grand Lake that I can remember. Much too windy for the sailboat. We busied ourselves with swimming in the lake, but also at Lake Huron. We did some hiking around, and played a lot of Boggle. Before this trip, I had only played that game maybe twice. Aryn, Brenda, and I never played it up there, and I didn't realize it had become so popular. Maybe it's just with my friends.

We had a little bit of trouble with the dock this year. I think that the lake was way up, so it was down too far in the water. We initially tried putting the last section on blocks, but that made it really unsteady, and the pontoon was practically pushing it off the blocks.

We did make it out to the Disappearing Stream, which was not quite how I remembered it. There was almost NO TRAIL. I don't know if they've just really let it go, or if we were in the completely wrong side of the road. We followed the river as best as possible, but then things just got ridiculous. I sort of remember going all the way until it disappeared again, but we didn't make it that far. Oh well, we still had a good time. The mosquitos definitely kept us moving.

Overall, it was a great trip. Mom and Dad had a good time, and my friends said they would come back, so I guess we didn't scare them away. Now it's back to the swing of things for the summer. Have a good week!

Here's the link for the album:
Grand Lake Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WHAT? $3.65/gallon? Gas has hit, I think at least around here, an all-time high. I might start taking the bus to work... :o(

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back to focusing on the Philippines

Well, China is officially a no-go. But I'm actually okay with that I think, because I was really kind of getting worn out by all the unknowns. It looks like I will for sure be heading to Los Banos in November, which is still very, very exciting! It also gives me a little bit more time to prepare for what is coming.

I also will continue to gain college credits, so I will only have two semesters left instead of three, plus, I will be getting training in my field. So it all works out!

Here's a map for those of you who have no idea where Los Banos is (just click on it and it will clear up):

I am going to be meeting with an adviser in the Study Abroad office soon, and begin my plans for the departure in the fall. Very excited! The Philippines are going to be a blast, and I have already met some of the students in the University there that were at MSU last semester, and I have some groundwork already laid for me by the three guys who have just recently left for the summer semester there. I am hoping to get there a couple of weeks early so that I can get acclimated and spend some time with the other MSU students before they leave. I am also still hoping to find at least one other student to go with me in the fall.

So please be praying for that. I'm sure God knows what He's doing, so I will continue to trust and follow His leading. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Camping Trip

Well, I survived the cold. I got to use my new tent, which was nice. It proved to be water proof because we had a pretty big storm last night, and it made it. I also got to use the sleeping bag that I got for Christmas as well.

We had sunny weather for the most part, so I still went swimming despite the cold. The lake was not warm by any measure, but the waves were big, so that made it fun anyway.

There were twelve of use that went on the trip, and we had a great time! I got pretty burnt...too much napping outside I guess. We got to run around on the dunes, go hiking in the woods, and spend some time just talking around the fire. It's nice because I hardly see my friends from LCS throughout the year. Its unusual to keep friends this long past high school, but we want to turn this into a yearly endeavor.

It should be interesting next year, because Chip and Megan will be MARRIED next year, and possibly even Neil. He proposed to his girlfriend on the beach one night, which was kind of funny. We all knew he was going to do it, so we were all just kind of waiting for it to happen.

Here's a link to the album if you want to see what we were up to:

Sleeping Bear Dunes 2007

A lot of the trip revolved around seeing how big we could make a fire and still be safe. One of these days, maybe my friends and I will grow out of our pyro fascination, but I doubt it. :D Oh well. Ok, well, that's all I have to report for now. The next trip I have will be Memorial Day weekend at the cottage.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Played some tennis today. It didn't go too well for me. First time for the year, so I guess it's expected.

Still no news on China...I'm going to be pushing forward with the philippines. I have to in order to stay on Dad's insurance, and so that I can get paid at work. I have to be a student in order to maintain my status as a student employee, which makes sense.

I have another idea for my pre-China trip...if it actually happens. My friend Steve has an internship with Motorola in San Jose California. Depending on how much money I make over the summer, I may fly out there with my other friend Adam, and spend some time seeing Napa Valley, San Francisco, and other stuff. I think it would be really cool if I could rent a car and then spend a couple days driving up route 1 along the Pacific Coast, up to Seattle, spend a while with Aryn and Tim, and then fly out of Seattle. It would be expensive, but definitely worth it I think.

But, that's an idealistic plan for now. I need plans to actually be confirmed before any of that stuff happens.

So, that's what is going on here. Just working and spending some time with some old friends. I have that camping trip up north next weekend, which should be interesting!