Friday, April 6, 2007

Things just got a little more interesting...

I am surrounded by opportunities. It's a blessing, but at the same time, it can feel like a curse. Yesterday at work, Yong said to me "Hey Bryce, do you still want to go to China? All we need to do is find an official middle school teacher and we're all set." Apparently he's been in talks with a school over there that wants a teacher and an assistant (that would be me) to come over and teach English in their middle school.

I made sure to ask him if he was serious this time, or if it was just an idea, and he said it was for real. I guess I have to weigh my options here:

China would be for a year (September to Septemberish), and would be in I would probably actually make money while I was living there, in Beijing. I would get to practice my Chinese and a year would definitely immerse me into the culture. But, I wouldn't be going to school, and it would take me longer to graduate.

The Philippines would be for at least 4 months, maybe more, but it would cost me and the parents around $6000. On the other hand, I would be getting credit for school, probably getting work experience in agriculture. The classes are taught in English, so the language barrier would be a much smaller problem.

And then there are the opportunities that I have here in Lansing, regarding more than one leadership position with the college group, and my job at the China Center. Yeah...this stuff pales to the chances listed above...but at the same time, seems much more realistic.

Life decisions can never be easy can they? Please pray that I will somehow get some direction on which option is the best plan for me. I will be asking around, but ultimately the decision is mine to make...and that's a lot of pressure. Wow.

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