Wednesday, April 25, 2007

oh this week...

So this week is going to be a lot of work. I just finished my paper on agricultural production in China's growing economy, and I still have to write another paper by Friday. On what, I have no idea. I also have my International Agriculture final tomorrow afternoon, my Cropping Systems final on Thursday morning, and then my World Soil and Plant Resources final on Friday. Then I get to study all weekend for my Genetics final on Tuesday next week. Next week can't come fast enough!

But, at the same time, I am looking forward to summer. It will be fun to work at the China Center. I've also got a couple of camping trips planned, which will be fun.

Last night at 9:00, I had a teleconference with the Secretary of Public Relations of China (not just me, there were many people there from the office). His position is similar to that of a Vice President of China, and I did a pretty good job of humiliating myself. I was supposed to say "Sho jung hao, wo jiao Bryce. Wo xi huan xue hanyu." Instead I said "zhou sheng hao" and stopped right there because I knew I was very wrong. What I said made no sense to them, and I didn't even bother to introduce myself. After the three of us students finished, the Chinese dignitaries had a pretty good laugh. Wow, to feel stupid saying something so simple is definitely humbling. I should have just said something like "jin tian ti jin hao," meaning "the weather is nice." I already sounded dumb, so something off topic, but in Chinese, might had some redemption for me. If I'm going to spend any time in China, I've definitely got to brush up!

Well, I have to get back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Don't worry about it...I'm sure you're doing great. I know there was a lot of pressure. Most of the time people are just happy that you try. We're praying for you that this will work out for next year. What an amazing opportunity! I wish I could go. :)
Let us know when you would be traveling through...I want to make sure we can hang out for whatever time you can stay.
Pretty crazy with mom and dad going to Garland. It will be interesting if they move.
Talk to you soon!