Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New start...again

So, I've cleared all my old posts, and am back on the blogging wagon...Again. I don't know how many times I'll have to start this thing over before I finally get it where I want to.

Bible Study was amazing last night. God did some cool work, even as the topic seemed to be so far above our heads, but yet we talked for a full 90 minutes. I don't know how exactly "life changing" it was for anyone in the group, but I think God works in peoples lives in different ways.

I have that meeting/dinner to go to on Sunday for my semester in Los Banos, Philippines. I'm pretty excited about this, because I'm finally going to get some new info! Dr. Bernsten (my advisor for all of this) returned from asia about a month ago, hopefully after circulating my resume to IRRI and a couple of other biotech institutes out there. I am hoping that this blog will be used for that trip, and I'll be over there a year from now...

Chinese learning is going well, it's always interesting... If you want to hear me attempting to learn chines, check out . It's always a challenge. But hey, I'm getting paid to learn...and it's an opportunity that I'm grateful for.

Well, I guess that's it for today's addition. Peace.

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daphne said...

hi! your blog is one of the featured ones in our bulletin here at IRRI. i guess we have this feature regularly where in we search for blogs with IRRI and rice as keywords.
i read you're heading here next semester..well i would be glad to meet you when you get here.
i am also a Christian so if you're interested to join our church while you're here, you're very much welcome!
God bless you! ;p